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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

Wow.  Has it really been two years since I last wrote on this blog? In some ways, it feels like it’s been so much longer, while in other ways, it feels like the time has truly flown.  I started this blog  a week after acceptance into Teach for America, and now I’m a TFA alum.  These two years have probably been the hardest of my life, and I was, to be honest, not a very good teacher.  I am now moving on, having recently accepted a job as a Tech Coordinator at the new Relay Graduate School of Education, but this does not mean that I’m giving up on the achievement gap.  I’ll just be working at it from a different angle, in helping support a grad school that I think is going to be doing wonderful things for teacher training.
And in the long run? I want to be a…

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Well, I started teaching math today.  Let’s just say, my improving skills at reading comprehension didn’t transfer over well.  I failed pretty miserably today at teaching my kids to identify subtraction questions in word problems.  It was a difficult objective (particularly for students who have trouble reading), my students were behind where I thought they’d…

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Jul 05 2010

Week 3

Not much to report for this past week.  The highs and lows have mostly evened out for the moment, and I’m getting into the groove of lesson planning, teaching, and attending sessions.  My kids are great (most of the time…), and I’m getting much better at teaching them, though I still sometimes have trouble being…

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Jun 24 2010

I’m alive!

Yep, there was some doubt as to whether I’d be able to say that by this point in time.  But my first week of teaching at Institute, while rough, was something I survived! With all the lesson planning and such, I’ve been getting no more than 5 hours of sleep a night, which is the…

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Jun 20 2010

One Week Down, Four to Go

The first week of Institute is over! It’s been an exhausting ride, particularly since I went home for 24 hours for my sister’s graduation in the middle of it. (Driving 6 hours on 3 hours sleep is probably not a good idea, and locking my keys in the car afterward was an even worse one,…

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Well, Induction is just about over! All we have left is the closing dinner. It’s been a pretty great week. I’ve loved meeting everyone, and getting to know Tulsa. We’re so lucky in this region, too, because we’ve been staying at a nice hotel this week, and we don’t have to attend any interviews. So…

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Jun 01 2010

5 Days to Induction…

I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast.  Was it really almost 7 months ago that I last wrote in this blog?  Since then, I’ve passed the PRAXIS II, didn’t receive the Fulbright to teach in South Korea (probably a good thing), studied abroad and traveled through most of western Europe, and oh yeah, graduated…

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Nov 19 2009

And off we go!

I think it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m going to be a teacher next year.  Months of anxious anticipation culminated last week in an e-mail that read, “I am pleased to extend you an offer to join the Teach For America 2010 corps!”  I literally began jumping up an down with joy, before…

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